A Message from the Board President

Welcome to our E-newsletter!

Our desire at Hope Happens is to accelerate research that will lead to treatments and cures in our lifetime.  I believe each of you reading this newsletter share in this vision as YOU are our Hope Happens community – the individuals that advocate, sponsor and generously support the mission of Hope Happens.

Hope Happens directly supports the targeted research at the Hope Center at Washington University via our fundraising programs. We bring HOPE by promoting science and our focus is on a family of neurological disorders. These include ALS, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and unfortunately, the list continues.

The founder of Hope Happens, Christopher Wells Hobler, lost his fight against ALS in 2005 at age 39, but his legacy continues. Hope Happens partnered with Washington University, and in 2004 founded the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders. Aligned to Chris’ basic conviction that fundamental discoveries about one disorder can lead to treatments and cures for others, his mission continues today in a very tangible way.  Today the Hope Center has 157 labs and more than 700 researchers.   

Many of you have been with us since day one, and some of you just recently joined our fight against neurological disorders.  Your past and ongoing contributions allow researchers to receive funding for exciting early-stage research and to respond quickly to promising new pathways discovered in the course of inter-disciplinary research.   Hope Happens has raised just over $5M for the Hope Center since our inception. 

I am very excited to share with you today via our eNewsletter, more about our Hope Happens programs and people and a few of the scientific advancements occurring at the Hope Center.  Collectively, we are making a difference!

 Kind regards,

Mary Bettis

Board President